Original born vine, the Ribolla Gialla grape embodies in Oslavia its highest expression thanks to an irripetible mix of climatic conditions and soil structure. The “ponca” is a poor soil, characterized by very low fertility rich mineral elements. It dominates these hills and guarantees excellent drainage. The insolation together with the perfect exposition of the vineyards, under the strong wind currents wich touch the hillsides of Oslavia - due to winds from the east - ward off the dangers of mould, allowing the growth of smaller and more open bunches, rich in sugars and noble elements. The result is a state-of-art knowledge, research of consistency, true identity. The synthesis is finally expressed by a few genuine wines, extremely elegant in their body and soul. Wines that are absolutely irripetible elsewhere. Today, in Collio, 6 great interpreters of the Ribolla Gialla have joint together in Association in order to share their passion, their secrets and personality with wine conoisseurs and enthusiasts.